Sport Functional Classification:

Each Sport functionally classifies athletes differently depending on the abilities needed for that sport. 

Each sport will explain the classification system for that sport. 

At a high level classification is by:

Sex:         Male / Female. 

Age:         one or more Junior classes 21 or less, an adult class and in some sports one or more master classes.

Function:   Athletes in a sport will have one or more functional classes for a sport.  For Example:

Classification is done by a qualified classifier.  Classification is performed when an athlete starts the sports at the local level.  The athlete will be re-classified when the athlete is going to perform at the regional level.  Again at the national level and finally at the international level.  The athletes highest classification becomes their classification for all competition.  In addition an athlete may be reclassified at a level either at the request of the athlete or his/her guardian or following a change in the athletes physical health or following surgery.  During competition another athlete may challenge the functional classification of an athlete through the sports protest policy.  If an athletes classification changes during a competition the new classification will become the classification from that point in the competition forward.