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Team statement:

 Wheel Blazers is an exciting opportunity for individuals with physical disabilities to participate on an organized racing team.  Founded in 1999 by the Henry H. Kessler Foundation, the program is geared for wheelchair athletes of all levels of experience -- from the interested beginner to the elite racer.  Over the past two decades, wheelchair racing has grown from an exhibition event into a recognized competitive sport, with its own specialized rules and equipment.  Races around the world have established wheelchair divisions, leading to both prizes and prestige for top-level racers.  This Kessler program is designed to provide instruction and coaching for wheelchair racers and to help sponsor those who choose to compete in local and regional races.  The program promotes active lifestyle options for people with disabilities and seeks to increase community awareness of these opportunities.

Eligibility. Team participation is open to men and women of high school age or older who have a physical disability.  This includes, but is not limited to; Spina bifida, Spinal cord injuries, Post-polio, Amputation, Non-progressive neuromuscular disorders.  Participants must be medically stable and require minimal supervision and assistance with transfers.  A signed release form and clearance from a physician are required of all participants before joining the team.

Coaching Staff.  The program is run by Angela Smith, Research Assistant, Kessler Medical Rehabilitation Research and Education Corporation.  Dr. Steven Kirshblum, Director of Spinal Cord Injury Services at Kessler, serves as medical advisor to the team.

Training.  Practices are held once a week from April - September at Millburn High School, Millburn, NJ.  Days and times may vary.  Indoor training, sponsored by Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation, is at its West Orange Health & Fitness Center.

Uniforms & Fees. Team members will be provided with racing jerseys, t-shirts and hats.  Any other clothing items or special equipment is the racer's responsibility.  Six racing chairs are available for team use.  There is no charge to participate on the racing team.  Members are responsible for their personal transportation and any related expenses.

Volunteers.  Trained volunteers are available to provide assistance at all practices.  New volunteers are always welcome, as is the support of family and friends.

Address Kessler Medical Rehabilitation Research & Education Corp.
Coach: Angela A. Smith
  Angela A. Smith, M.A.
1199 Pleasant Valley Way
West Orange, NJ 07052

Fax  :
(973) 324-3532
(973) 243-6984
Sports: Track, Road e-mail:
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