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To develop, implement and coordinate special programs to help individual with disabilities increase their mobility skills competencies, social skills, self-esteem, and activity levels; as well as; to inspire individuals with disabilities to achieve an increased participation in all physical activities.   

Program Overview

Our program is comprised of a wide range of recreational and competitive adaptive sports that have been specially designed to develop and enhance the mobility skills and athletic skills of children with disabilities. We apply a fun-filled and competitive approach to teaching/coaching children and junior athletes with disabilities several meaningful adaptive/wheelchair sports; including track, field, swimming, archery, triathlon and road racing. The skills and confidence the members acquired are very rewarding making our program a great success.  We develop, implement and coordinate special programs to help increase individuals with disabilities their mobility skills and activity levels in a fun, safe and rewarding team environment. 

Population Served

Our goal is to continue to expand our adaptive sports program beyond the states of New Jersey and New York; and to liaison with other groups and organizations to further adaptive sports for as many individuals with disabilities as possible.  The organization's immediate objective is to continue to serve current participants and to reach and support the participation of a broader population of eligible children with disabilities.  Our members represent a number of ethnic backgrounds; including African-American, Asian, Hispanic and White. Disabilities include diagnosis of Amputations, Cerebral Palsy, Spina Bifida, Spinal Segmental Dysgenesis, Spinal Cord Injury (SCI), Hemiparesis, Demyelinating Polyneuropathy, Arthrogryposis, Polio, HBSL Leukodystrophy, Spastic Dysplasia, Achondroplasia, Femoral Hypoplasia Unusual Facies Syndrome.  

Organization Goals

Our primary goals are to continue to develop and implement adaptive sports programs to inspire individuals with disabilities achieve an increased participation in physical activities and to provide opportunities for individuals with disabilities to take part in adaptive sports in order to enhance the quality of their lives.  Our primary objective is to provide individuals with disabilities with opportunities to train, participate and excel in adaptive sports; as well as; to provide them with all the resources required to prepare them for competitions at Regional, National and Internationals levels.

Our adaptive sports programs provide individuals with disabilities opportunities to be competitive and interact with others. Unfortunately, many parents end-up in a politically-charged debate regarding inclusion of their own child, but may have little background on which to base their choices. Through our program parents obtain new ideas regarding raising a child with a physical disability; they share their success and experiences facing inclusion challenges and other obstacles. Our adaptive sports program provides equal opportunities to all children and individuals with disabilities. Depending on the adaptive sport event; our program can be modified and customized based on the individual's disability in order to provide the best methods for a successful inclusion. Our adaptive sports program provides individuals with disabilities an opportunity to receive recognition for their extraordinary dedication, hard work, and success.


North Jersey Navigators, Inc


Jimmy Cuevas


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Track, field, swimming, archery, triathlon and road racing



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