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Wheelchair Tennis is a spectacular sport that enjoys great popularity during the Paralympic Games. To compete at a high level successfully, athletes must develop technique, stamina, persistence, speed and reflexes. Among Wheelchair Tennis athletes, a Paralympic medal is considered as the highest distinction:

Esther Vergeer and Maaike Smit of the Netherlands in action during the women’s Doubles Final Wheelchair Tennis during the 2000 Paralympic Games. © Nick Wilson/Allsport

David Hall: “There were a few tears. I expected it to be very emotional. I've been thinking about this ever since Sydney was awarded the Olympic Games.”
Esther Vergeer: “It's unreal. My goal was to win gold in the singles and doubles. Μy dream came true.”

A Wheelchair Tennis match is played between two or four athletes with loss of motor function in one or both lower extremities. There is a special class for quadriplegics (quads), or athletes with loss of motor function in the lower extremities and functional disability or amputation in the upper extremities. To score a point, Wheelchair Tennis players have to hit the ball with their rackets so that it lands on the opponent’s court without the opponent being able to hit it back. Winner is the athlete or pair to win three “sets” of six “games” each (best-of-three set match).


Wheelchair Tennis at the 2004 Paralympic Games

During the ATHENS 2004 Paralympic Games, Wheelchair Tennis competitions will be staged at the Olympic Tennis Centre of the Athens Olympic Sports Complex (OCO). Competition will take place within the span of eight days (September 19-26). The total of men and women athletes competing will be 112.

Paralympic Wheelchair Tennis consists of six events:

1. Men’s singles
2. Women’s singles
3. Men’s doubles
4. Women’s doubles
5. Quads singles
6. Quads doubles

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