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Tri-States offers disabled athletes the opportunity to participate in multiple sport opportunities in many sports.   
Disabled sports are listed below as Supported or Facilitated.  The Tri-State Region organizes and conducts meets for Supported Wheelchair sports and acts as a facilitator for the facilitated sports to help individuals find local or national organizations that support them.

To compete in a sport, athlete are functionally classified.  Classification allows for all disabled athletes to play the sport on an equal playing field.  Athletes with the same classification compete head to head.  Athletes with different classifications may compete at the same time but not against an athlete in a different classification.

Supported:                                                                  Facilitated Sports (Click Links for Info.):

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At the Paralympic Level:

Fifteen sports on the Paralympic program are shared with the Olympic Games: Archery, Athletics, Wheelchair Basketball, Cycling, Equestrian, Wheelchair Fencing, Football 5-a-side, Football 7-a-side, Judo, Sailing, Shooting, Swimming, Table Tennis, Wheelchair Tennis, Volleyball.   
The four “unique” sports that are played at the Paralympic Games are: Boccia, Goalball, Powerlifting and Wheelchair Rugby.
World records are comparable with those of Olympic athletes. Canadian athlete Donovan Bailey’s Olympic record in the men’s 100 meters is 9.84 seconds; The Paralympic record of Ajibola Adoye, a Nigerian arm amputee, in the same event is 10.72 seconds.
In four of the Powerlifting weight categories Paralympic world records exceed able-bodied world records by up to 12 kilograms.
Whereas some sports are open to all or most disability groups, in other sports athletes from only one disability group can participate. In Judo, for instance, compete only athletes with visual impairment.


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